The Other Book is a non-profit initiative and aims to increase the visibility of artists' books and artistic publications: books that are self- or independently published.

The Other Book provides a platform for artists, publishers, print rooms, collectives, art libraries, collectors and book enthusiasts. By partnering with local artists and initiatives, and providing a stage for both local and (inter)national artists, The Other Book serves as a place of exchange.

The extensive program explores artistic practices, conceptual publications and the seemingly endless possibilities of the artist book:


Festival The Other Book is a unique celebration of artists' books in all its facets. It is the first biennial event in The Hague (NL) that combines an art book fair with exhibitions, workshops, talks, presentations, demonstrations, films, and performances at various locations.

The Other Book Fair welcomes makers of art books and artist publications from The Netherlands and abroad.

Each edition focuses on a different kind of ‘other book’.